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This timely, beautifully illustrated resource includes: Detailed guidelines on everything from housing, breeding and day-to-day care, to processing, cooking and preserving Much-needed information on using heritage breeds for egg and meat production Tips, inspiration, recommended reading, and additional resources A unique planning worksheet that simplifies the process of starting out with poultry.

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Connect With Us Join the conversation. Read our latest Newsletter: Sign up to receive our Newsletter. The birds are cornish were beautiful and exactly what I expected! Great Job, Purely Poultry. The best part? The customer service was unmatched and incredible!

Pure Poultry

Definitely Recommend! Positive amazindirt mid-state, TN Zone 7a 7 reviews September 27, I have ordered chicks and ducklings from hatcheries for years and also hatched many of my own , but this was my first order from Purely Poultry. I checked several companies, but at this time of year they were the ones who had the breeds I wanted available. And when you add in shipping costs, the prices were comparable to other companies others have lower prices but high shipping; Purely Poultry has higher prices but free shipping for the birds I was buying.

I just received my ducklings this morning, and so far I am very pleased. They all arrived healthy and active -- much more so than the birds I'm used to receiving from other hatcheries, in fact. I know that Purely Poultry is mainly a "buncher" they organize other breeders rather than hatching their own , but with these results I'm not going to complain! I hope it goes as well as this one did! They are snotty in their emails and on the phone. They have used my money to run their business or for investments? I believe they are a prime target for a class action suit.

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Was told delivery would be early June. When I email asking for delivery dates they keep putting me off and do it rudely. I asked for delivery date within next week or refund because where we live has a short summer and babies wont survive if we dont get them soon which we told them when we ordered. They have not responded to our email. My Babies have arrived!!! I ordered 4 little lady Silver Welsh Harlequin ducklings several months ago with a shipping date in mid May. I got the phone call this morning at approximately from the post office stating they were there.

I asked how they appeared and the postal worker said she opened the box enough to see that all were in good shape and chirping. I immediately left work and went to get them. The ducklings were safely packaged in a ventilated box with a warming pad and hay. They were also labeled clearly. Very satisfactory conditions for their long trip home. This wasn't my first purchase through Purely Poultry, nor will it be my last.

I have 2 Lacey and Gracie of my previously ordered 3 Welsh Harlequins. Unfortunately the neighbors dog killed Macie.

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Those ducklings were just as strong and healthy seeming as these. My adult children are considering Purely Poultry to purchase their unusual chicken and turkey breeds. I have needed to call a couple of times with questions and I am always treated with respect. I have found them to be knowledgeable and honest about their product and service. H ll yes!!

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First part of my order - 10 cornish x - were shipped when it was below freezing temps with no supplemental heat, in a drafty box. Needless to say, they arrived mostly dead. Only 4 made it, and only after some intensive care the first three days. Too much work for meat birds! Second part of my order were 6 call ducks, arrived today.

Packaged with supplemental heat and box taped against drafts and it's 70 outside All look healthy so far! The positive -- shipping was free, and they refunded my loss of 6 cornish x. Luckily I was off work for two days after they arrived, otherwise none of them would have made it I would have been super mad if I had paid for shipping.

Also, I was able to get 6 call ducks through the mail - almost unheard of! I was very pleased with this! The negative - I suspect each hatchery they buy from is responsible for their own packaging. So every order will probably be a different scenerio. They arrived in 1 week, and they even included 2 extra chicks! I must have called times in the first week of my chicks arriving, and the girls answered every single question I had, and never made me feel stupid.

They will get all of my bird business from here on out! When the order fell behind schedule, we called and were advised they were overbooked and that if we needed something immediately, we may want to look around locally. Upon doing so, we found some chicks locally and proceeded to cancel our order. The next day, we were told the order could no longer be cancelled despite what we were originally told. We were told the "items" were packed up and on their dock ready for shipment. I was told once a printing label is printed, it can't be cancelled.

What a lie! I ship all the time! If you select this option and the spray is applied, do not feed your flock medicated feed. Although the medicated feed will not harm the birds, it will counteract the spray. The sprayed chicks may have a dye on them, which will wear off in time. Whether or not you choose the Coccidiosis Spray, the need for dry, clean bedding cannot be overemphasized.

Cornish Cross Broilers grow very fast, and that doesn't leave room for many mistakes. Every aspect of their lives is condensed.

Victoria Redhed Miller - Pure Poultry

Be sure that they have access to clean water constantly and that you watch and adjust the height and amount the waterers hold according to your birds' growth. Feed is also very important. Make sure that every day counts positively toward their optimal growth and health. Use a high quality and dependable food, that is fresh and not at all moldy.

Chick starter is appropriate for the first 5 weeks. Switch to broiler or grower feed from 5 weeks to butcher. Sometimes customers have experienced leg problems with Cornish Cross Broilers; this is usually the result of the birds growing too quickly. One way to combat this problem is to avoid free feeding them. Offer free choice chick starter for the first 5 days.

After that, make feed available 12 hours on and 12 hours off for proper growth. Cornish Cross Broilers don't always know when to stop eating, and if you give them constant access to food, their bones may not keep up with their body weight. Genetics: Many customers are looking to recreate or breed their own Cornish Cross Broilers by utilizing our Cornish chickens bred to our Plymouth Rock chickens.

However, the offspring of this mix will not be the same as these Cornish Cross Broiler chicks. Also, Cornish Cross Broilers are hybrids, and so if two are bred together, they will not produce the same high-quality chicks as themselves. They will also probably be too large by the time they reach sexual maturity to breed naturally. The Cornish Cross Broilers we offer have been scientifically bred for many years by scientists to produce this highly efficient production bird.

Cornish Game Hens: Cornish Game Hens are female Cornish Cross broilers that are processed when they are four-five weeks old at about 2 to 2. At this age, they will be a tender, compact chicken that is excellent for roasting. Temperament: Cornish Cross Broilers are docile and calm birds.

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